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Conduct a vehicle registration check in Victoria

You can check a car’s registration information by means of the Transport Department where the lorry has actually been signed up. For lorry registration checks in Victoria, visit the VicRoads department website to perform your registration check.

VIC Rego Check

In 2015, there are more than 230 deadly vehicle mishaps in Victoria. It’s important to see to it you check that your auto, or any kind of cars and truck you make a decision to drive, is signed up. This is just one of the most basic methods to check the safety of a lorry, making sure that it hasn’t remained in an accident where it was created off.

VicRoads screens vehicles in the state of Victoria, as well as anytime an event such as speeding or running a traffic signal is detected by video cameras, a check is done to make certain that the automobile is in reality registered.

A complimentary registration check (rego check) for vehicles registered in VIC can be done online on the VicRoads Department web site to:

Check whether a lorry is registered on VicRoads

Check automobile rego expiration date

Check Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer and expiration date

Check any kind of registration restrictions

Confirm the car model and also body type

What do I need?

You’ll require the vehicle’s VIC registration plate number.

Why should I check my registration?

In order to drive a vehicle on public roadways in the state of Victoria, it must be registered. Hefty fines and penalties relate to any kind of vehicle driver captured driving a non listed vehicle.

In order to prevent such charges, it’s essential to run a VIC Rego Check. This can additionally assist to make certain that you do not get located personally accountable for any kind of damage or injury which is brought on by an accident in which you are at mistake.

Checking the registration of your vehicle helps to make sure the safety and security of you and also any kind of guests in your treatment.

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